Dance Can Improve Your Health

Dance as a way to get daily exercise and improve your health. When you dance it  improves your health, it can also be cost-effective. You don’t need a gym membership or expensive exercise equipment. All you need is your feet, some of your favorite tunes to shake it to the music and maybe some friends.

Even if you have two left feet it doesn’t matter. Anyone can dance.  You can just be grooving to the music at a slow to moderate pace but you can also give your body a vigorous work out.  It’s your choice.  And of course there is so much music to choose from.

Another great thing about busting a move to improve your health is you can literally do it anywhere.

Dance-a fun way to improve your health

Sometimes we dance with many people and this is another reason it can improve health. Being around people while dancing is excellent for your mental health and it’s so much fun.

When trying to improve health, it is essential to keep your mind active too.

Some doctors  say dancing is a very energizing exercise, fun, and pain-free.  Moving to music at a moderate pace helps develop cardiovascular health.  Aerobics are still a popular way to achieve this. It can also improve and increases stamina, as well as improve the strength in your muscles and bones.

There was a significant study done in 2011 with almost ten thousand participants.  In the study, Cochrane Reviewers examined the benefits of dancing in older populations. Findings showed that dancing improved their overall balance.  A group that danced up to three times a week, their balanced improved the most.

You can get the whole family involved.  From young to old.  It is a great way for the whole family to have some fun and improve their health.