Baboons Take Over Paris Park

Earlier in the day, baboons were running all through the Paris Zoological Park. Police officers were grabbing up the monkeys throughout the zoos.

According to officials, the baboons are now in their different pens.

Police say that the animals can be dangerous if loose. More so, if they were able to leave the facility.

Luckily, none of the animals came in contact with any citizens. Those in the area were warned to not come near the baboons.
Several roads in the area were inaccessible.

A source from the zoo says that no one knows how the animals were able to get out. However, workers are doing their best to gain control of the situation.

So far, the entire area was shut down. Only professionals were able to work around the monkeys.

Though baboons are not naturally dangerous to humans, they can attack at any time. If they do cross paths with a human, they can cause serious injuries, especially if they feel as though the humans are threatening.

Baboons Loose In Paris Park

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the baboons are from West Africa. These specific monkeys are on the verge of extinction.

A group of vest, officers, and zookeepers were able to detain the animals.

The baboons were running rampant through the woods of the park. No one in the area, such as citizens were in near danger.

After running into one of the monkeys, a zoo employee set off the alarm.

However, the zoo was unable to inform the citizens in the area as to how the monkeys were able to get out.

After the initial sighting, the zoo had to set up an emergency plan as to make sure none of the monkeys came in contact with any visitors. Many among the visitors were children.