New Headquarters For Amazon

Last Thursday Amazon narrowed their list to 20 cities that could potentially become the new home to their second, new headquarters. The company said the second headquarters would not replace their Seattle location home base, though it will be of the same size. Wherever Amazon builds, they plan to add 50,000 jobs to that city’s workforce.

Several cities and two regions (Montgomery County Maryland and Northern Virginia) on the east coast were on the list leading many to speculate that Amazon is looking east. Toronto, Canada was also one of the names.

Amazon To Announce New Headquarters

CEO Jeff Bezos has been clear that Amazon hopes to capitalize on tax incentives offered by the city chosen. Other things essential to their decision include locations with an international airport along with an area where the population is at least 1 million people. Tech talent in the area is an important consideration as well.

Some have speculated because of Jeff Bezos’ other investments; the likely new headquarters will be in or near Washington D.C. Last year he acquired a property in D.C. He also owns The Washington Post.

The checklist of international airports, tech talent, and population can all be checked off by selecting Washington D.C. as the new headquarters location. Undoubtedly the area could use the 50,000 new jobs.

Presently, Washington D.C. does not have a stable corporate business climate as other cities around the country do. Jeff Bezos could take advantage of this in more ways besides tax incentives.

Amazon has established itself as one of the most profitable companies in the country selling goods to Americans. This role will likely increase as the company ventures into sales of other products which could include pharmaceuticals. As they grow, it has become harder for the government to ignore the role they play in today’s society.