PGA Tour Ready? Tiger Wood Says Yes

Tiger Woods got to the Torry Pines lot early on Tuesday. He started practicing immediately to be ready for the start of the Farmers Open. His appearance will be the first time in over a year that he has played at a PGA Tour event.

Though he’s won the PGA Tour seven times before, you would think it was his first time. His practice was intense.

Wood says he has spent a lot of time hitting balls and doing different things to build endurance. Now, he says he feels ready to continue his golf career.

Tiger Woods Is Ready For The PGA Tour This Up and Coming Year

Due to spinal fusion surgery in 2014, he had to withdraw from several tournaments. After some time, his health began to turn around, and he was feeling better than ever. He missed the cut at Farmer’s last year. For the first time in a long time, he was feeling like the old Tiger. Claiming to be pain-free, he came in ninth place out of 18 players in the Bahamas a month ago.

According to some, he looked like his old self, too! He was out swinging his club like he did back in the 90s. Tiger says he feels good and thought the more he came out and competed the better his game would be.

After parting ways with his coach, Tiger decided to go ahead and coach himself for the remainder of his career. There have been changes to other things as well like the use of a new driver.

Woods admits there are some things that he is unable to do as a result of his surgery. His swing looks different, and he says there are things that he is unable to do. He improvises by feeling his way, remembering and relying on past performances.