Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump

Kate Middleton’s has been in the news lately because she has launched her new Mental Health Resources. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton Mental Health Resources will be available online. Although, in other news, her baby bump is finally showing, and it is clear as day in her cute outfits. Everyone knows Kate Middleton is six months pregnant  and her baby bump is starting to show.

On January 16th, 2018, Kate Middleton visited the Roe Junior School systems to launch her online Mentally Healthy School resources. The Roe Junior School systems are located in London in the small town of Brent. The schoolchildren were happy to see The Duchess of Cambridge. The day of her event she wore a navy blue dress with a sport-max coat with matching dark blue heels.

Kate Middleton introduces online Mental Health Resources

The students performed songs for Duchess Kate and awarded her with a bouquet of flowers for her visit and the launch of her Mentally Healthy School online resources. She gladly accepted the many gifts and love from the students. During the visit, she was glowing with her new now visible baby bump.

Later after all the greeting took place the Duchess of Cambridge was able to give her speech on her plans and launch for the school’s staff about Mentally Healthy School online Resources. In her remarks she spoke about how having a simple conversation with someone about their mental health can make a real difference.

Kate talked about how simple helping someone with a mental issue can be. The first step she said, is having a conversation. Her emphasis on a simplistic start was well received. Also, she pointed out that students sometimes come to teachers for help with their problems.

So, looking as chic as ever in her sixth month of pregnancy, Duchess Kate believes the online resources will help teachers and other staff in offering quality mental health support to students.