Man Gets Tapeworm From Eating Raw Fish

A 30-year-old man from California was able to pull a tapeworm from his rear end after eating contaminated sushi. He says beforehand, he was experiencing severe stomach cramps. His stool was bloody as well.

At first, he thought his insides were coming out. The physician working on him at the time says the man kept pulling until the entire worm was out.

Afterword, he picked up what he thought was his guts, and it begins to move. Back in August of 2017, the man came to the hospital, holding a grocery bag asking for treatment for tapeworms. These specific parasites can invade the stomachs of animals and humans.

After opening the bag, the doctor saw a toilet paper tube with a tapeworm swirled and it.

Thought the worm was dead at the hospital, the man was sure to note that it was alive after pulling it out of himself. The tapeworm was five and a half feet long.

Man Pulls Out 5 Foot Tapeworm

The doctor did not know how long the worm was in the man for or the species.

The tapeworm came from eating raw fish. However, there are plenty of risks that come with eating raw food in general.

According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration, to control parasites that are alive in raw food, one must cook or freeze the food to a certain temperature.

Some tapeworms can grow to be 30 feet long. They can also live for many years in one’s digestive tract/

Besides the fact that it is a live worm, these worms don’t don’t tend to do significant harm to their hosts.

Most people will see that they have diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain. The worms can easily be treated with medication.

To rid himself of any other tapeworms, the patient was given medication. However, there were no other worms in his system.