WhatsApp Plans For Businesses Accounts

The WhatsApp application announced early morning on Thursday, January 18, 2018, that they have some big plans for business accounts. WhatsApp application is a phone and messaging system available for download on cell phones, iPods, Ipads, computers, and tablets.

The application plans to bring business accounts into other plans, such as Facebook. The WhatsApp phone and messaging application will make even more money for their corporation boss Facebook Incorporation.

WhatsApp Is Getting Ready To Open Its Doors For More Business Opportunity

At this point, lots of large and small businesses already use WhatsApp phone and messaging application for their companies. The phone and messaging application has over one billion current users. A big part are customers from their business accounts.

Their new plans will allow companies big and small access to certain features. Some include automatic greetings and the ability to set profile pages with open to closing hours. Also,they will be able to access statistics about their messaging and phone usage and other company information.

The latest app plans will be geared to businesses that are receiving high volume calls and messages with the help of their application. The program will help the companies keep up with their volume of calls and messages from their customers. Matt Idema, the Chief Operating Officer of the WhatsApp phone and messaging application had much to say.

He says the company noticed a need for their business accounts to have more time efficient tools while using their app. Matt Idema worked for Facebook as an executive before joining the WhatsApp company as the COO. In an interview, Idema said the company hopes to take charge of the business field when it comes to their small and large company accounts, but it is a little too soon to tell how far we just might go.