Mammogram 3-D Testing Now Available

Going to the imaging center every year I see the same lady behind the front desk. She always asks the same questions. However, this year she asked me something new. She asked if I wanted a 3-D mammogram instead of the usual standard test from the past years.

When I questioned it, she reassured me it was more accurate. I willingly decided to take the new 3-D mammogram.

There is a significant amount of woman who are likely to face instead of a similar choice in the next following years. Imaging center is expanding and advancing across the nation; they are adding the newly added 3-D dimensional mammography. Another name for this new advancement is digital breast tom synthesis. This machine is a million times better than the regular 2-D screening that woman across the nation is more accustom to receiving.

Something this new advancement is not clear to tell is whether or not this brand new technology is better at detecting the cancers.  Many wonder whether or not this test should be widely recommended. Also, who will pick up the cost that most insurance will not cover.

Mammogram 3-D Testing Now Available All Over The Country

In the world today there are at least 3,915 certified mammography imaging facilities which include digital breast tom synthesis since January, this is information collected from the food and drug administration.

There has been a vast thirty percent increase since last January when there was only a total of 3,011 facilities that offered the 3-D dimensional screening. In fact, some plants do entirely the 3-D imaging. They aren’t using the old imaging practice, but some services do offer both screenings.
Many are trying to solve which screening is the best. However, for now, the jury is still on the hunt to figure out which one is the best.