Knife Attack In Russia Leaves Students Wounded

A knife attack in Russia left eleven students and one teacher with wounds. It occurred at a school in the city of Perm, which is around six hundred and twenty miles east of the capital Moscow.

The victims of this attack were trying to knock down and disarm the two teenage males.  However, the two came into a classroom and began wielding knives at the students.

The two suspects that started the knife mania where both sixteen years of age. Be that as it may, they have since been detained by police. Police are looking at this as attempted murder.

Surgeons at a local hospital operated by the teacher, Natalya Shagunina who is forty-seven. Also, they worked on four of the children where the incident occurred. The teacher has and remains in critical condition. As of now, the other students wounds aren’t as severe as to need hospitalization.

Knife Attack In Russia

The injured children were mainly between the ages of ten and twelve. These poor children had cuts from the knives from their heads all the way to their necks.

This particular school where this knife attack has occurred has been evacuated. It will continue to stay shut until Tuesday, as police pursue an investigation. There were a few eyewitnesses, and they have since quoted on social media sites. There are multiple contradicting reports from locals and security officials about what exactly happened at the school.

Some witnesses say the two young boys who were wielding knives had first attacked the teacher and then attacked students when they came to the defense of their teacher. They even say that the boys were wearing all black. Also, that they were carrying big hunting knives, and co-conspiring towards the school.

Some reports show that the boys who had started the knife attacked where angered by social media comments and that may have sparked the attack.