Rob Gronkowski Makes PSA About Tide Pods

Many of people have heard about the “Tide Pod Challenge.” Though some thought it was just a hoax, it is very real. Snopes, a sight that debunks hoaxes even says that it is real. Young people are recording themselves biting into Tide detergent pods. Well, Tide chose to pay Rob Gronkowski to make a video explaining how bad it is to digest the liquids.

A lot of people know Gronkowski as being a goofball as well as an amazing pro football player. He has the sort of rep that makes people assume he isn’t too smart himself.

However, if Rob Gronkowski can make a video about the idiocy of the new challenge, who really is the dumb one.

Especially since he is getting paid to do so.

Be that as it may, he is not the only one trying to get the message out to the youth. He is one of many posting videos to encourage kids from biting and ingesting the pods. Swallowing the detergent inside can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and death. However, there are still some people that think there is an upside to the videos.

Millennial are always in the news or on social media receiving bad reps. Even though there are a lot of 20-30-year-olds working hard to earn a decent living. Most of which, would never fathom putting a Tide pod into their mouths.

A lot of these young adults are making the videos in an attempt at receiving viral attention. They post their videos on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, or even Instagram

The video from Rob Gronkowski may or may not work. However, he is still trying to get the message out there that eating the pods can lead to death. It’s up to the young adults to take heed to his warning or face their own demise.