Alcohol: New Online Tools To Help The Addiction

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Director, George Koob says times have changed when it comes to drinking issues. Alcoholism has changed over a long course of time. Typically you have a drinking problem or don’t. It was considered at one point to be a black and white, a yes or no issue.

George Koob is also a part of the National Institute of Health in the United States and says with many years of research, they now know that there is a full spectrum. More so, in people who have a drinking problem or alcohol disorder. You can have a very mild drinking problem to a moderate drinking issue to a very severe case of alcoholism. George Koob wants to ensure people struggling with addiction to alcohol from mild to severe, there is a wide range of help to deal with the disorder.

Alcohol and Addiction

In many places, there are residential detox centers and programs set aside for people with alcoholism. There are also programs for people who have drinking problems to work on their cognitive behavioral therapy and there are various modifications such as naltrexone for people to drink less. The drug acamprosate will help people stay away from drinking as well.

Sadly, many people who need help with their drinking problem may not know that guidance exists and this can hinder their much-needed treatment process. George Koob says that ninety percent of Americans with mild to severe alcoholism do not get any help whatsoever. The reason is because they do not know who to turn to for the proper much-needed help.

There are an estimated seventy million adults with a drinking problem, and now there is more help. The NIH has recently launched support for people struggling with addiction from alcohol and wants help as soon as possible. You can look for alcohol treatments online through the NIH website. NIH says that the newest advice for people in need is an online Alcohol Treatment Navigator. The website will give you a proper step to finding the right support for you and even for family.