Artificial Food Dyes No Longer Used In Food

As of now, there are no artificial food dyes in doughnuts that come from Dunkin’ Donuts. The company is actually ahead of schedule by one year, as they continue to work to find a substitute for their synthetic coloring for other items on their menu.

Rick Golden, who is the Manager of Donut Excellence for the Dunkin’ brand said on Thursday that consumers look for bright and colorful cakes. Though the colors will stay, the artificial coloring will be no more.

The announcement came during 2017 that the company will no longer use artificial colors. They are still working on removing synthetic flavoring from their frozen drinks and breakfast sandwiches. However, doughnuts, which contain no synthetic flavors or colors, came sooner than expectations.

According to Golden, their biggest issue was substituting the artificial food dyes with fruit juices. After many trials, they have been able to get their ingredients right where they want them.

However, some toppings may still contain artificial food dyes.

Dunkin’ is not the first company in recent years to change their formula. Utilizing more natural dyes be hard to create over and over and tend to be more costly. It is easy to create red dye by crushing up insects, but some consumers don’t like the idea of eating bugs.

General Mills announced in 2015 that they would be using all natural dyes from the coloring of their Trix Cereal. Also, fruits and vegetable juices are what they use now to flavor their cereals. Nestle chose to re-do their recipes for at least 75 different candy bars. They do so as a way to eliminate artificial coloring and flavors. Panera Bread no longer uses artificial colors or additives in their food products either.

Due to serving no health purposes and ill effects on children, artificial food dyes have been the target for advocated against fake food additives.