Hysterectomy Alternatives Maybe Better Solution

According to doctors, a hysterectomy can cause worst side effects than previously thought. As the second most common gynecologic surgery, it was once thought to have minimal risk in the long term.

However now, after a recent study, doctors are encouraging women to consider other nonsurgical alternatives.

Tracking almost 2,100 women who have had hysterectomies, a new a study says that there can be detrimental issues that come with having one.

Compared to females who have not had a hysterectomy, those who have had the procedure were 14% more at risk of having abnormal blood fat. They were also 13% more at risk for having high blood pressure and 18% more at risk of being overweight.

Younger women who have hysterectomy surgery are more at risk for having congestive heart failure. Also, more plaque built up in their arteries.

A Hysterectomy May do More Harm Than First Thought

According to researchers at the Mayo Clinic, women who undergo a hysterectomy are at risk of long-term disease. More women are aware than before that removing their ovaries can pose health risks. However, the risks rise for women under 35.

Gynecologists say that there are plenty of alternatives instead of going through the procedure.

Common reasons for having the surgery are fibroid and heavy bleeding.

However, some doctors believe that people should take this research with a grain of salt due to it not be a random trial. Some women are in dire need of hysterectomies and may find this research as a reason not to get one.

Most women who require hysterectomy are typically very sick and at more of a risk of many different diseases.

Now, women should no go out and cancel their hysterectomy appointments. However, before undergoing surgery, they should make sure that any and all other nonsurgical options have been brought to their attention.