South Africa Train Passengers Fight Off Fire

In South Africa, a passenger train caught on fire. Due to the flames, it collided with a truck, injuring 180 people and killing 12. There is video footage of the catastrophe showing the fire ablaze.Those able to evacuate the train could be seen on the roadside, standing with their luggage in their hands.

The cause of the collision was the truck failing to stop at a crossing.According to officials, 850 passengers were able to get off the train safely.Those on the scene say that the driver of the truck tried to flee, but officers were able to apprehend him quickly.

However, those riding in the first two coaches sustained injuries.

Train In South Africa Catches On Fire

One rider says that the incident was very traumatizing. She says that she was trying to find a way to exit the train as quickly as possible.
All of the doors were locked, and smoke was flowing throughout the coaches. There is a post of the video on Twitter.Emergency vehicles were on the scene as soon as possible. They were able to battle the fire on the train. The train was on it’s way to Johannesburg.

An official was able to confine that 12 passengers did indeed pass away. Also, they added that the number of deaths could rise at any moment.

Passengers were trying to help other passengers who were still in the wreckage after getting off the train themselves, however, some could not get out of the train.

Those who were able to get off the train say that people were on top of each other. One woman was screaming that there was a baby on board the train. Officials could not find any child aboard.

The flames became so intense; emergency workers had to back off. The workers did try using fire extinguishers, but they did not work.