McDonald’s Corp Adding More Fresh Beef

McDonald’s Corp. is attempting to test another fresh beef burger. This is a continuation of the franchise trying to move from using frozen patties to utilizing fresh ones.

On Tuesday, the franchised announced that their new burger will be called the Archburger. McDonald’s in currently testing out the patties at seven different location in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. For a year, the company conducted similar testing with the Quarter Pounders using fresh beef. In March of 2017, they said that the new patties would be available in over 14,000 franchises beginning the middle of 2018.

McDonald’s Corp Adding Fresh Beef To New Menu In Tulsa, Oklahoma

The current fresh beef will on be available for a short period of time. They are looking for feedback from workers and customers on the taste of the new patties.

Over the years, McDonald’s Corp. has made plenty of changes to their menus. They have done so in the hopes to appeal to Americans who have concerns about their food ingredients. For examples, the food chain cut all artificial preservatives from the Chicken McNuggets. Also, they offer apple juice with their Happy Meals.

The world’s largest burger chain, for example, has cut artificial preservatives from Chicken McNuggets and switched out the apple juice in its Happy Meals for one with less sugar.

With the testing of the Archburger, it could mean that the franchise is on its way to expanding the usage of fresh beef. They may add the beef to more of their items. Also, when the company finally introduces the all fresh beef Quarter Pounder later in the year, sales figures can go up.

The fresh beef patties come in at less than 3 ounces. That makes it the Archburger a bit smaller and than any of the original Quarter Pounders. However, the burgers will be bigger than their cheeseburgers and hamburgers making them even more enjoyable for their hungry patrons.