Mariah Carey To Sing New Years Eve

It’s looking as though Mariah Carey will have the chance to redeem her self. She will once again be there on New Year’s Eve at Times Square to sing live a the Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest on December 31. Last year, she forgot the words to her song, “Emotions” and fumbled through “We Belong Together.”

Her representatives went on to blame the production team for the issues.

Sources say that while on set, Carey was barely at any of her rehearsals. On one occasion, a body double was there in her place.According to Jenny McCarthy, who co-hosts the show with Ryan Seacrest says that Carey did no perform a sound check before the show.

Mariah Carey To Sing On New Year Eve Again After Last Years Flow Of A Show

However, during a recent interview, McCarthy says that she is optimistic about Mariah’s performance. The weather conditions for the night’s show is to be well below freezing. Cold weather is not good for the vocal cords.

E! News reports that there will be a lot more rehearsals this year than previously.

Secrest, though, is only hoping for a better show than last years. Instead of calling Mariah, he refers to her as “the singer.” His tone suggests that he will upset if there is another fiasco like the one from the previous year.

In an interview, he says that one can never go on air and believe that everything will be perfect. He says that there are a lot of things that he and his team cannot control. However, he is sure that everyone apart from the performance, including the singer, will make the proper preparations beforehand.

Though these two are looking forward to the show, some fear that it will be no different than last year. We’re watching you, Mimi!