Egyptian Police Detain British Woman

Egyptian police have arrested a British woman for three years in jail after finding out that she was smuggling painkillers into the country.

33-year- old Laura Plummer was under arrest back in October after police were able to find 290 Tramadol tablets on her, In the UK, the drug is an opioid.

Though she did not know that there was a ban on the drug in Egypt, she still received her sentence. She said that she was bringing them to her boyfriend who suffers from back pain.

Despite the woman claiming she was unaware they were a banned substance in Egypt and that she was bringing them in for her boyfriend who suffers from back pain, an Egyptian court sentenced her to three years behind bars for possession of an illegal substance.

Egyptian Police Arrest British Woman For Smuggling Drugs

Her family claim they worry about her health and well being.

According to reports, Plummer fell to her in knees crying after her the verdict.

She is now in Qena prison, which people in the area know to be very small with deplorable conditions.

Some inmates in the jail are top leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. There are also  ISIS members in the jail, allegedly.

Plummer prison transfer made headlines due to her family trying to visit her at the first jail she was at.

Officials have Plummer in the woman’s section of the prison.

Currently, her lawyers a petitioning to have her moved to a jail that is close to Cairo. The conditions at the jail are said to be a bit more comfortable for Plummer.

According to Plummer’s sister, Jayne Sinclair, Egyptian officers said that she would be in Cairo.

However, in a report, she says that she doesn’t feel that her sister will make it in the prison that she currently resides.