Calorie Guidelines Are Changing In England

Calorie guidelines have been the same for some time now. Men are to consume around 2.500 calories per day and for women, roughly 2,000.

However, Public Health England or PHE has come up with new guideline are to help with overeating.

According to PHE, men and women should both try to consume only 1,800 calories per day.

With these recommendations, you don’t count the calories drink, only those in food. The calories can be split between all of your daily meals and snacks.

Depending on your gender PHE does advise for people to intake 2,000 or 2,500 calories per day. However, these numbers include food and drinks. The new recommendations are in place to help those who overeat.

Calorie Guidelines Are Changing In England And Some People Are Not Happy

During March of 2018, PHE will launch their “One You campaign. Part of the campaign’s goals is to work with restaurant and food chains to offer healthier selections.

According to a spokesperson for PHE, they are not changing the calorie guidelines. However, they feel that adults consume way too many calories per day, which leads to the gaining of weight and other issues that affect health.

Be that as it may, there are some who believe the new guidelines won’t help. Some feel as though the new guidelines are an attempt to scare people into eating less.

One spokesperson at DailyMails says that people aren’t paying to the larger portion sizes. They eat them because it’s in front of them. Though a good idea, some feel as though the numbers are too low.

Plenty of people feel as though the guidelines that have been established for decades are just fine. They
Reports say that PHE’s latest guidelines have no evidence to hold them up. Skeptics say that PHE is lying in order to make people eat less.