JetBlue Plane Slides Off Runway

Traveling for during the Christmas season just got a little more scarier for those aboard a JetBlue plane. Last night as the planning was heading out of the Boston Logan International Airport; it slid off of the runway.

Due to bad weather, the flight was delayed a few times. The plane was supposed to leave the runaways at 2:15 p.m. Those aboard the plane say that there was heavy turbulence as the plane was heading off. A counselor at Savannah Arts Academy, Michael Corbett, was traveling to visit family with his young son Liam.

JetBlue Plane Slides Off Runway

As the airplane was traveling down runways, passengers could hear a grinding noise. It also felt as though the plane was making very sharp turns. In a statement, Corbett says that those who were in windows see could see and feel the plane spinning out of control. This ended up happening more thane once. He says the spinning didn’t feel as though it was going to end.

When the plane JetBlue plane came to a stop, they were in a grassy area that was full of snow. They were also facing incoming planes coming down the runway. His son Liam was witnessing the fiasco as it was happening since he had a window seat.

Though Corbett was concerned, he says he had to keep a steady head for his son. However, he did not believe they were going to die.

Corbett says that is biggest worry was another plane colliding with their plane.

No one sustained any injuries as Emergency Medical Services came to help the passengers off of the plane. They were able to get everyone on a terminal bus and to safety. The passengers made sure to cheer on their captain for working hastily to make sure the airplane didn’t crash.

JetBlue made sure reach out to all of their passengers.