Sexual Misconduct At NBC Results To New Policies

Matt Lauer’s alleged sexual misconduct occurred over several years. However, his sudden leave still was surprising for his co-workers. After the filings of sexual assault, he was given the boot. His termination was so fast that editors were scrambling to erase pre-recordings of him at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting service.

For many, it is becoming clear the executives at NBC are tacking the issue of sexual harassment head on. The company has reportedly put in place a new, strict anti-sexual-harassment policy.

According to reports from PageSix, they were able to speak with someone at NBC to confirm their new policies. The source says that those who work at NBC will have to report any instances of sexual assault or harassment that occurs in the workplace. Neglecting to do so can be means of termination.

Also, the policy includes that it is mandatory for employees to report any inappropriate relationships at work.

Sexual Misconduct At NBC Leads To New Policies

They will consider failing to do so as covering up the situation. The policy even speaks on how to give out hugs to co-workers.

The source did not say whether or not office relationships were off limits for those working at NBC. Nor did they say if they just had to be on record. Also in the policy, NBC prohibits their staffers from sharing Ubers or taxis after leaving social events.

The NBC source says that beside the sexual misconduct rules, there are others. Vegans that work for NBC no longer are to be have to eat at any steakhouse.

The last rule may seem like fake news, but it could be NBC pulling a move like some celebrities when they say “no blue M&MS” in their room. Either way, anyone who chooses to take a vegan anywhere sells steaks isn’t really taking their office policies as serious.