American Tourists Among Those Dead On Trip

12 American tourists, one Canadian and two Swiss travelers lost their lives during a trip to Mayan ruins. Their bus flipped over in the south-east region of Mexico. The identities of the passengers have not released right away after the crash on Tuesday. However, the tour guide and a young child were a part of the group who died.

Close to 20 other passengers on the bus had injuries. 13 of them are in stable condition. Though the bus driver had injuries, he was detained by officials.

Cruise ship passengers were on the bus during the incident. A video online shows some passengers lying on the ground alive, and other people were walking around the bus.

American Tourists Among Those Dead In Bus Accident

There was, however, one body on the ground with a sheet covering it, as police were taping off the area.

In a statement from the Miami-based Royal Caribbean Cruises, passengers from two of their ships were aboard the bus. The company will assist with medical costs for the passengers.
U.S. officials were working with the U.S. Embassy in Mexico to determine the exact number of dead U.S. citizens.
Officials say that seven tourists were able to return to their boats, but 13 had to stay behind in a hospital.

The dead tourist was sent to forensics services for identification purposes.

One tourist, Chris Brawley, says he was on a different bus going to the Mayan ruins when they came across the accident. His bus was on the road for about 45 minutes before coming across the horrific scene.

Though he did not see the crash happen, he did see that there were marks all over the road.

Brawley left from Florida last Friday, anticipating his seven-day-cruise. On Monday, they were in Honduras and were to be in Cozumel, Mexico on Wednesday.