Indiana Hotel Charges $350 For Bad Reviews

An Indiana hotel has charged one of their patrons $350 for a negative review. They also threatened the customer with legal action.

Back in March of 2016, Katrina Arthur and her husband spent some time at Abbey Inn & Suites. Unbeknownst to them, the hotel’s policy was to charge customers $350 for negative reviews.

A lawsuit was filed Monday against Abbey Management, who owns and operates the Abbey Inn. The lawsuit states that there was a violation of Indiana’s Deceptive Consumers Sales Act. They say that the hotel’s policy is abusive, deceptive, and utterly unfair.

Indiana Couple Receives Charge For Publishing Bad Review

In their review, the couple says that the standards of the hotel were below their expectations. The bedding was dirty, the water pressure was low, and the air conditioning did not work. Also, there was a sewage smell in their room.

Reports claim that they did try to get in contact with the front desk. However, according to Arthur, the number was for a lawyer. Instead of housekeeping services, she had to clean the room herself.

The Indiana hotel sent an email to the couple asking for a review of their stay. Arthur says she was as honest and thorough as can be. She says she knows people save up for special occasions and did not want anyone to waste their money on that specific hotel.

After publishing the review, Arthur says that she was there was a $350 charge on her card. There was also a letter in the mail from an attorney of the hotel, threatening legal action against the couple.

Arthur was terrified after receiving the news and instantly took down the review.

More complaints were coming into Arthur from the Abbey Inn, so she filed a claim to get her money back.

Katrina Arthur says she feels as though the hotel was punishing her for telling the truth.