NBC Bringing Back The Show The Office

NBC is looking to revive another one of their hit show: The Office. Reports for source say that the networking is hoping to be back Steve Carell for at least one more season. However, Carell will not be coming back to the show. The company is on a search to take over Carell’s spot.

Sources are also saying that there may be a completely new cast. NBC and Universal Television say that some of the rumor are not true. This was back in August. Now the two are in talks for reviving the comedy show.

NBC Reviving The Office Within The Next Year

The Office was on TV for nine years. The show was one of the shows that came on NBC’s comedy brand on Thursdays. Stars of the show include Craig Robinson, Mind Kalinga Rainn Wilson, Joan Krasinski, and many more. Also Ellie Kemper, Jenna Fischer. The show was able to bring in a plethora o awards such as Emmy’s and Golden Globes. Carell left after season seven. Know one knows why. The show continued to do two more seasons. Many fan were not happy learn of the show ending.

Carell exited after season seven, with The Office continuing on for two additional cycles before the star returned for the series finale in 2013.

The show was adapted by Greg Daniels, the creator of the show. It first begin as British show starring Ricky Gervais. Daniel’s says he is excited and ready for the revamp. He goes on to say that he feelas as though they left the show on good terms. Daniel’s considers the show an ensemble and that everyone needs to be apart of the show.

With the revamp of Will & Grace, their have been new, high ratings for the show. NBC expects the same when it comes to The Office.