Helen DeVos Hospital To Receive Gifts

There is an extraordinary young seven-year-old boy who is trying his hardest to make sure that children at Helen DeVos Children’s have a fantastic holiday. This is also Dawson Babiaks third year, along with the help of his family. They collect and donate toys to the children in at the Helen DeVos Hospital.

The young boy doing all these good deeds name is Dawson. He is a cancer patient who has leukemia. Leukemia is a disease where organs and more marrow make increased immature or very abnormal leukocytes. In fact, this young man has asked and has inspired his peers at his school Hopkins public school to help to collect toys for the children. The hospital is very happy with Dawson and his family. They even announced that his family  made the most significant one-stop toy donation that they had ever had last year.

Helen DeVos Hospital To Receive Gift For Children

Dawson may have gotten the idea of collecting toys for other children at the hospital after staying there himself during the holidays. He knows the powerful feeling of receiving a toy. Some officials at the Helen DeVos Hospital say that the gifts brought to the younger patients brings hope. Also, that it is a real miracle of how one single toy can change the attitude of a child and their family for that day. Presents bring smiles and laughter during the holidays. They can be a hard time spent at the hospital for the younger children and their family.

Dawson and his particular family and the bus filled with toys will reach the Helen DeVos Hospital on Wednesday. If anyone has intentions to help Dawson to help those who could use a smile on their faces, there are things he needs. For example: games, fidget spinners, play doh, art supplies, coloring books, gift cards, and much more. Contact the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation for even more information. You can call the number 616-391-2000 or by visiting give.spectrumhealth.org/wishlist.