Lawyers In The Marijuana Business

Lawyers that are dealing with entrepreneurs in the United States should have some lawyers on their side as well. Lawyers who are explicitly working with retailers who have entrepreneurship in the marijuana industry may need some legal consult of their own just to protect themselves.

Legal counselors in the expanding business are entering a grey area. The medication is allowed for some reason in many states yet unlawful under government law. Marijuana is in the same substances class as heroin. If a lawyer is not taking the right steps to this type of business deal, it could lead to money aiding or laundering. Also, prosecution of conspiracy and even abetting drug dealers.

Lawyers Need Their Own Lawyers When Dealing With Medical Marijuana Cases

A law professor for the marijuana policy at the University of Denver Sam Kamin says any legal counselor that is looking to go into the pot industry needs to be aware of the federal law permits. The need to make sure they know what they are getting themselves into. Professor Sam Kamin has adequately researched for over five years in the marijuana business. She says she has found that more lawyers are susceptible to being in trouble with the law. More So, than the entrepreneurs just starting out in the marijuana business.

It is more likely for the lawyer to be charged than the cannabis employer.  It just makes more sense for the legal counselor working for someone in the marijuana business to have a backup lawyer. However, they are there for an additional opinion on the dealings. Jeff Sessions, an Attorney General says he has seen this type of issues many, many times. Some just in this past week. Recently, he helped in targeting a medical marijuana federal prosecutor. The case will expire at the end of the year. It involves a lawyer with no additional legal counsel.