Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift Share A Kiss

British actor Joe Alwyn and singer Taylor Swift were seen kissing each other this weekend, and their fans are all for it. Joe Alwyn alongside the celebrity singer attended the annual Jingle Ball in New York City together. The Jingle Ball event marked one of their very first public appearances together as a couple.

Everyone who was attending the holiday event noticed their rare outing together and swooning over their fireworks romance between one another. The celebrity couple weren’t only kissing and hugging during the event, but were also singing and dancing along. Taylor Swift invited one of her closest friends Ed Sheeran.  However, she kept no secrets with her relationship with Joe Alwyn. They held hands almost the entire duration of the Jingle Ball event. Some fans and paparazzi were able to photograph the cute couple sneaking in an intimate kiss at one point.

Joe Alwyn And Taylor Swift Dating

There were plenty of pictures of Joe and Taylor leaving together from the Jingle Ball event at the Madison Square Garden. The firey couple were holding hands and smiling on their way out of the event over the weekend. Joe Alwyn was wearing faded dark jeans with a navy blue sweater with a black jacket. By his side, singer Taylor Swift was wearing a long multicolored thick coat with some black and gold-toned winter boots.

At the beginning of the Jingle Ball Event Stefflin, Don a United Kingdom rapper shared a video on his social media account while he was alongside both Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift. In the short video from Stefflin, you can see that Taylor Swift is smiling ear to ear. Joe also keeps his arms around his new love. The footage caught everyone hanging out together while singing along to Ed Sheeran song “Thinking Out Loud.”