Manhattan Officials Detain Man After Blasts

City officials in Manhattan, New York report there is a man that is currently being under arrest after his terrorist attack attempt. The attack would have been caught in a bus in a New York City primary transportation. The man that is currently under arrest for questioning is twenty-seven years old and his name is Akayed Ullah. The young man Akayed Ullah attempted an attack during the early busy Monday morning.

The Mayor of New York Bill De Blasio stated in an interview that terrorist would never win in his city. Especially after the attack at the Port Authority terminal in Manhattan, New York.The bomb went off in an underpass reported the local police on duty that day. The twenty-seven-year-old man has wounds that are severe. He was in the line of fire as the bomb was going off. The low-tech bomb device was still on Akayed Ullah’s body during the explosion.

Bomb Goes Off In Manhattan

Healthy City Officials of New York report that people who were on the bus when the low-tech explosive went off only suffered minor injuries. There were just four people who with sever wounds that day. Police did not include the bomber.

An image of Akayed Ullah has gone viral on social media. The picture was came moments after the low-tech bomb explosion. It shows the man laying on his back with ripped clothes and open wounds to this upper body. The mayor of New York says at this point in their investigations they believe that Akayed Ullah was alone in the attack.

A sixty-two-year-old eyewitness to the terrorist bomb attack Andre Rodriguez says it happened around 7:30 am. He was going through the turnstile and  he hears a big boom. At first, he didn’t think it was an explosion but that it did sound like one. Afterward, everyone around began to run in panic.