Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Seeing More Rises In Price

The main person in charge of one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges only asks one thing of those who chose to invest in the coins. That is, to do so in a responsible way.

Brian Armstrong, the CEO of the cite Coinbase, made it a point to remind their customer of some of the possible risks that come along with trading currency that is digital. One if his mot prominent points was about trading swings.

This previous week, the price for one single bitcoin rose to newer heights. Whereas before, the price for one bitcoin was $10,000, it was up more than $17,000 for one. Now, according to those at Coindesk, it is settling at somewhere near $15,000. Statements from Coinbase say that Coindesk is a site that values the cryptocurrency measured from data that comes from four different exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Becoming The New Go To Item In Which To Invest

On the exchange on Coinbase, the total cost for bitcoin at one point was over $18,000.

On Thursday, in Armstrong’s post, he warns that with the increased interest that comes with cryptocurrencies, comes issues. Some of those problems have brought mass amounts of stress to their systems.

While the hysterics were happening, the valuation on Coinbase for the currency was higher than the index on CoinDesk. There was a point when there was a $2000 price gap. On Saturday, the price gap was still there. The price of a bitcoin on Coinbase was going for $15,000 whereas, on CoinDesk, they were going for $14,000.

What some find strange about bitcoin is that only a year ago, the coin was trading for no more than $800. In 2011, there was a time when it was going for just three dollars.

One of the reasons for the ascension is more attention for investors who are more mainstream. The price of the coins continues to rise over time, though there have been a couple of descents.