California On High Alert With Wildfires

More than two hundred thousand people in California are being forced to evacuate their homes. The reason being the wildfires tearing across the south part of California. Residents of Los Angeles and Ventura counties are also being asked to flee their homes because of the rapid moving of the wildfires. The fires are out of control at this point and are getting worse reports police officials of southern California. Right now in California the wildfires are at their peak. Officials believe the fires will last through Sunday, December 10th, 2017. This information comes from the National Weather Services of the U.S.

The fall season of 2017 California experienced the deadliest wildfire disasters in their history.

The destructive blazes have pushed their way through almost the entire golden state. This wildfire season has well overstayed it times for 2017. Host Chris Wilcox for the National Interagency Fire Center shared with Linda Wertheimer on NPR on the Weekend Edition on late September that this wildfire season a more extended season. Also, that it has not let up since the fall season of 2016. Residents of all over the state have to wear masks due to the smoke from the blazing fires.

State officials say for the residents of California that it is looking for an explanation of the long season of wildfire. There are many factors. Some of the most prominent elements include the serve hot summers they have had in the last few years. Now, the extreme cold season coming a bit early and starting the fires. Winds in 2017 have been very high. Thus, forcing winds to whip down the south part of California for both the fall and winter seasons. Some of the wind speeds  were going at eighty miles per hour. The winds are causing the blazing fire to travel from one side of the state to another.