Eating Healthy Can Help Save The Planet

Everyone knows it can be risky to tell someone what food to be eating and not eating. Regardless, if it is out of love or aimed at a family member or close friend to better themselves and the planet. Most doctors, the government, and almost everyone tells us to eat healthier anyway. All over the world in each country,they have their set of recommendations for what and what not to eat. However, research shows that if certain countries were to change their eating habits, the Earth will benefit from their choices.

Eating Healthier Can Benefit The World

A large group of researchers at the University of Leiden aimed a study for bettering the planet by eating healthy. They wanted to see if people would follow the diet plan or fall off. The group of students in the Netherlands said growing and producing foods all over the world had profoundly altered the Earth’s soils. Some of the impacts on producing the foods all over planet earth can vary. Either from good to horrible in some cases. However, this depends on which foods people grow. Also, the demand on particular foods.

Just recently there was a report published in the study that was held out in the Netherlands called the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The book discusses how if thirty-seven countries were to change their dietary recommendations, it would impact the world greatly. If every person in each of those thirty-seven counties would follow better-eating plan it could have a significant effect on Mother Earth.

The effects on humans eating healthier diets would improve waterways because there would be fewer pollutions from fertilizers. Also the land would not need as much to feed people who are overeating. Greenhouses worldwide would reduce gas emissions that would significantly decrease if everyone would eat healthier.