Pro Sports Tickets And How They Get Their Prices

There are a lot of sports fans who choose not to buy pro sports tickets, but instead, watch their teams at home or a bar. Makes sense. The price of pro sports tickets can stem anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. It all depends on whose playing and the location of the game. During the 2015-2016 NFL season, the average ticket price was around $92.98. MLB tickets were averaging at $31 a ticket.

To get more people coming out to games, franchises are considering more factors. For example, weather conditions, the current market, and team’s opponents are a few aspects they are taking into consideration.

According to ticket sellers, its all about supply and demand. Currently, trying to get more spectators at professional football games is a bit challenging. Though the on-field protests have brought negative attention to the NFL, attendance to games has actually gone up.

Pro Sports Tickets Fluctuate Depending On Who They Are Playing

Be that as it may, setting up prices dynamically allows for teams to sell tickets for lower prices. Doing so encourages more buying and creates a sense of loyalty.

Looking outside the professional level, this particular pricing works well with NCAA big-time football teams as well.

As of late, Ohio State University has one of the most popular college football teams nationwide. The team itself is said to be worth $1.5 billion according to the Wall Street Journal. The Board of Trustees at Ohio State have made an announcement that they will be giving some of that value back to those who buy tickets. Next season they plan to cute more than 50 dollars from their current ticket price.

According to analysts, pro ticket prices change every year. The main factor is the athletic department’s budget. Pricing tickets depending who is playing who makes for fluctuation in prices.