Messenger Kids Facebook App

The ever so popular Facebook social media app just launched their newest app called Messenger Kids. The latest Facebook app is for children thirteen years old and younger. Messenger kids Facebook app was came about for more involvement from parents with their children’s social media accounts. All conversations, comments, statuses and all contact made through the new app by Facebook all have to have approval from their parents.

Facebook’s newest Messenger Kids app is exclusively for kids.

Facebook’s minimum age requirement to make an account is thirteen years old and has been that way for some time. It will stay the same for the newest Messenger Kids App.

Parents around the world have been utilizing Facebook for years. However, they are even happier that it is kid friendly social media app. Parents will finally be able to keep an eye on their kids who are thirteen years and younger on this app from Facebook. Both dictated moms and dads will have complete access to their children’s  Kids Facebook app at any time and block unwanted messages.

The best part of the new application is children under thirteen years old do not require a Facebook account, reports CEO of Facebook. Parents who have an already existing Facebook account must approve every comment, status update, friend request, and conversations. Parents will also have the ability to block previously approved friend requests. Also, content from being shown on their children’s Messenger Kids Facebook application.

The social media Facebook application will prevent all ads from popping up in the Messenger Kids Application. Facebook was able to black all advertisements because this could cause unsafe surfing of the web. A Facebook representative says Messenger Kids accounts will not become an actual Facebook account until they are thirteen years old. Afterward, they will still have to have approval from their parents.