Matt Lauer’s Ex-Wife Defends Speaks Out

The ex-wife of Matt Lauer has only good things to say about him even though they are no longer together. Matt Lauer’s was a favorite host on the TV show, The Today Show.  However, he no longer works for the show. He hosted the television show from 1981 to 1988 and had great reviews. On early Thursday morning, ET new spoke to Nancy Alspaugh, Matt Lauer’s ex-wife about his behavior.

She vigorously defends his character after continuously hearing the rumors of sexual harassment to multi women from him. In her interview, she shared with ET new how shocked she was learning about all these accusations. She says he has been such a stalwart at Today show network and has always taken pride in his career in the entertainment business.

Matt Lauer Sexual Assualt

Nancy Alspaugh says her former husband being fired has thousands of his fans outraged and shocked just like herself. “I can’t begin to imagine what he could have done so poorly that would bring him out of character for him to get fired from the Today show network,” she says. Matt Lauer is the type of person who would give you the shirt off his own back; he may be my ex-husband, but I know he has a good heart Nancy Alspaugh included.

Everyone in Matt Lauer’s circle remembers him as an incredibly honest, charming and friendly person.  However, they believe he would never use his status to abuse someone sexually. All his close friends and family want everyone to know the good of this man Matt Lauer.

The ex-host of The Today show had made a significant contribution to Nancy Alspaugh nonprofit organization when her late husband passed away. In situations such as this one, any person in the constant spotlight of the entertainment business can get a bad reputation. Millions of people will look down on that one person. We want people not to forget the selfless man he is. He will always be a good person in my book says according to Nancy Alspaugh.