Maternal Healthcare To Get Better In UK

In the United Kingdom, the leading cause of death in maternal mothers is mental health issues after pregnancy. Psychological health problems in motherly women cost the United Kingdom around eight billion dollars annually. Maternal mental health is not only affecting mothers in the UK. It is also affecting their children throughout their lives.

The previous Prime Minister David Cameron, while in office, promised the people of the UK that he would work on bettering their mental health institutions. While he was always Prime Minister, he goal was better psychiatric health care for mothers expecting. Also for new mothers of the United Kingdom.

At The Conservative Party Conference, Theresa May shared in the meeting this fall season she has big plans to use all her power to completely change their mental health services.

Specifically for mothers and all maternal health issues.

Although, BBC reality check wanted to know what is the next step to make this significant change and what changes have been made so far for our people suffering from mental health problems. As of now maternal mental health services are accessible by mothers expecting and new mothers. The health services will  begin the moment they know they are pregnant until their newborn is one year old.

There are two ways doctors categorize mothers who struggle with poor mental health issues, the two main categories include. Inpatient care or otherwise known as specialist services for expecting mothers and new mothers that are the most severely ill mentally.

As for women who have a more milder case of depression during pregnancy will typically receive more general services. The services include supporting midwives, health visitors and GPs. In England, a significant part of the attention has been in the primary classification. The first classification will target emotional wellness groups including specialists and mother-and-infant units.