Penguins Population Decrease Quickly

The world’s rarest penguins populations numbers are decreasing by each year. The yellow-eyed penguin’s population have almost entirely disappeared in one significant part of New Zealand. Scientists believe this is the doing of commercial fishing that is causing these rare but beautiful yellow-eyed penguins to become extinct.

Back in 2000, there were close to seven thousand yellow-eyed penguins in the wild. Now, however,there is only around one 1,600 to 1,800 out there in the wild. These endangered yellow-eyed penguin species are native to the sub-Antarctic Islands and from southern parts of New Zealand Islands.

The numbers in the whole country of New Zealand’s bird population is at its lowest in twenty-seven years. A recent study proved over half of the island breeding yellow-eyed penguins have vanished. Most were in the Southern parts of New Zealand. The survey took place in Codfish Island otherwise known as Whenua Hou Island.

World’s Rarest Penguins On The Brink Of Extinction

The staff of Codfish department of the conversation said their recent study left everyone speechless due to this alarming discovery. Kevin Hague, the Chief of the wild Forest & Bird group, says the island was sans predator the confirmation indicated the creatures being gotten and suffocated in the nets of business angling trawlers. He believes that only three percent of trawlers have the right to independent observers on the reports of cot deaths.

Kevin Hague in a statement said this is not like most years where the disease may have been the cause of unexpected deaths. Or, possible high temperatures causing death to our bird populations. In 2017 our bird populations have wholly disappeared not only from our lands but the sea as well, he included. In 2016 our scientists were able to account for twenty-four yellow-eyed penguin nest.  However, this year there were only fourteen. Some weer without their parents protecting the nest.