Paid Sick Day Bill Receives Support

Hard working Americans within the U.S. have some large business on their side when it comes to fighting for paid sick days. Big companies in America are pro paid time off for their workers. Especially those that are just too sick to go to work. One of the sponsors of the Paid Sick Days Bill is Mimi Walters a California Republican. He is on a quest to encourage all U.S. businesses to provide fourteen to twenty days of paid sick days..

Another part of the bill will include companies in America to allow for flexible work arrangements. Some work arrangement may consist of working remotely in an area of the workplace and job sharing. The bill will lump all sick days and vacation days together. However, this will make for one solid number of paid days off yearly. The average businesses currently will offer ten sick days and ten vacation days per year. If the bill does pass this will mean all paid days would be the vacation, national holidays and paid sick time.

Paid Sick Days Bill

Every business that complies with the new bill would not have to face local and state laws on the subject.. Passing this new law would start a national paid-time-off policy for all personal needs and sick days annually. There are around forty federal and local laws that protect employees from termination for following their doctor’s orders. Be that as it may, only one-third of American employees receive paid sick days yearly. This is due to their state law requirements, or their company offers this type of ill pay voluntarily.

The very first local paid sick day bill was first accessible in San Francisco California in early 2006. Connecticut passed their first paid sick days bill in mid-2011. In 2017, there are now six other U.S. states that have followed the bill requirements. Just new Jersey and Rhoda Island passed their bills for sick paid days bill as well.