Ikea Dressers & Chest Recall Relaunches

There has been a re-launched recall from Ikea dressers and chest for over seventeen million. On Tuesday, November 21, 2017, another death of an eight-year-old child in the United States by Ikea furniture. The founder and CEO of Ikea says his goal since the first death due to their dressers and chest has been to get the word out on the recall. Lars Peterson, the CEO of Ikea furniture, wants to increase the awareness on their dressers and chests. The reason being, they are easily fall over if without the proper anchoring.

Ikea Dressers And Chests On Recall

The first death that raised questions on Ikea dressers and chest happened in June of 2016 and then again. A small toddler was found underneath one of their many dressers available. Many Americans in May of 2017 were angry that Ikea was not spreading the recall efficiently enough to the public. Ikea is out of Sweden, and the retailer’s federal safety regulations are asking their consumers to take immediate action on their recalled items. Customers of either a dresser or chest from Ikea should return their items. They can also take direct effort to secure their chest or dresser to the wall before any accidents happen.

Ikea furniture company has emailed over thirteen million people about their re-launched of their recalled chests and dressers. Lars Peterson CEO and found of Ikea says they have had extensive communication this time around all through his websites, social media accounts, printed ads and through television worldwide to get the word out on the recall. The CEO of Ikea furniture says Ikea as a whole company has heightened the recall awareness. It is important to keep their customers happy but most of all safe while using their products. The recalled items are a children’s dressers taller than 29.3inches and children’s chests that are taller than 23.5 inches.