David Cassidy Dealing With Organ Failure

1970’s heartthrob David Cassidy became famous after starring and singing with TV’s ” The Partridge Family.” However, he is not doing too much singing these days. He is currently in a hospital in Florida in critical condition due to organ failure. This information comes from Jo-Ann Geffen, who has been his publicist for some time now.

Geffen says that at this time is conscious. Family members have been coming to visit him. He is taking his illness day by day and staying in good spirits.

However, she has not said what has caused his organs to fail.

David Cassidy, who is 67, spoke with People magazine earlier in the year about his battle with dementia.

The Partridge Family was a show about a mother with five children who came together to form a rock ‘n’ roll band. The show gave Cassidy a platform to perform music on a national scale. Cassidy character, Keith Partridge, was able to capture the spirit of the youth during the 1970s.

With his wispy voice and all around nice guy persona, he was able to break out from the television. According to records, his fan base at the time was more prominent than those of The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

Cassidy had the opportunity to tour the world singing great hits such as, “I Think I Love You.” Concerts of his would be full of teenage girls screaming his name.

Singer/TV star has come out in recent years to speak publically about struggling with alcoholism. On three separate occasions, Cassidy was under arrest for driving while under the influence of alcohol.

In a 2014 interview with CNN, Cassidy called his issued with alcohol both “humbling and humiliating.” Earlier this year he spoke about his battles with dementia. According to Cassidy, the illness runs in his family. His grandfather had the disease, and so did his mother. In his interview, he says that he was in denial for some time, but he had to come to turns with the truth.