CHIP Program For Children

In May of 2016, the mother of Ronald William was told her son was diagnosed with a rare type of lung cancer and later became apart of the CHIP program. Ronald Williams is a sweet little St. Louis boy with a love of life and loves to paint daily for his mother. Although, that all changed in 2016 when his oncologist told his mother of Ronald Williams diagnoses.

His mother shares that at the time they were not sure if Ronald would see another birthday. He was only nine years old. Myra Gregory, the mother of Ronald Williams says that when ever things was going on, they had very good medical insurance. It was covering all of his needs. All the doctors, friends and family were happy to be on his side for his next two birthdays.

Little Ronald Williams is apart of CHIP or Children’s Health Insurance Program. The Children’s Health Insurance Program is a medical insurance offered by the federal health insurance programs that pay for inexpensive coverage. Children’s Health Insurance Programs cover nine million low-income families with children under eighteen years old in the United States.

The CHIP program in the U.S. is for most young children.

It will cover pediatrician visits, emergency visits, annual check-ups and other medical expenses. Ronald Williams Children’s Health Insurance Program medical insurance covered his radiation, chemotherapy and any surgeries. Children in America with CHIP program covering their medical cost could make a difference between life and death.

With the holiday season coming in full swing some children including Ronald William may face another blow because some CHIP medical insurance may run out. CHIP has loved helping low-income families in the US since 1997, but in 2017 there will be some significant changes. Lawmakers in America let the due date for reauthorizing it disregard as they go through other social insurance issues. Mainly the most recent Republican-drove push to rescind and supplant the Affordable Care Act.