Oldest Wine Ever Found In Iran

The world’s oldest wine was discovered recently scientists believe it is nearly eight thousand years old. Scientists found pottery fragments with evidence of grape wine-making from their findings. The pottery fragments are earthenware jars that contain residual of wine compounds, report the scientists. Scientist were able to find the wine in the country of Georgia in their capital of Tbilisi. Researchers say they found the pottery fragments in two areas both in the south part of the capital Tbilisi. The team who discovered this rare finding says the jars found a look to have had images of grapes clustered together along the side of a dancing man.

World’s Oldest Wine Found In Iran

Years ago found in North-West Iran, there were findings as well wine-making. In Iran, the results were from pottery findings that date back seven-thousand years ago. At the time, this was the oldest wine. Now researchers have found even older wine-making discovery in another part of the world.

However, the recent results pictures and descriptions were in a publishing at PNAS. PNAS is also goes by The Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. A senior researcher at the University of Toronto Canada and co-author of the PNAS Stephen Batiuk says, “We trust this is the oldest case of the taming of a wild-developing Eurasian grapevine exclusively for the generation of wine.”

In the West part of the world, wine is the primarily the central core of civilizations as we know it. However, wine back then had many different uses such as medicine. Many people today can the the winemakers of yesteryear for many advances in our world. Wine-making is high value in wine-making today. Back then, wine would depend on events. The creation of wine was by different people throughout history such as pharmacopoeias, cuisines, religious cults, economies and society in the ancient near the East side of the world