George Takei Denies Sexual Assault

George Takei denies all allegations that he sexually assaulted a former male model that was nearly forty years ago. George Takei is a former Star Trek actor and is an LBGT icon since he was on the big screen. The allegations state that he took advantage of a male model that was heavily under the influence of alcohol in his condo that he was renting in Los Angeles at the time.

The model name is Scott R. Brunton said in countless interviews that one night in 1981 he was partying a little too hard with George Takei. Also that he was sexually assaulted by him. Scott R. Brunton says he remembers the former Star Trek actor groping him then tried to remove his underwear that late night in the early eighties.

George Takei Sexual Assault Allegations

George Takei is now eighty-years-old. However, he now joins the list of the latest celebrity accusations of sexual assault. The model recent did another interview with Hollywood Reported discussing the accusations he is making against George Takei.

CNN tried to get in contact with the former actor George Takei, but his agent told CNN news that the celebrity is not able to respond at this time. The reason being, he is traveling with family. Most people know George for playing the vital role on Star Trek as Mr. Sulu the helmsman of the award-winning USS Enterprise.

The celebrity shared many statuses on his social media accounts that he is could no believe the allegations coming from Scott Brunton. Former Mr. Sulu says that night never happened in 1981 and for that reason, these are false allegations made by the male model.

George Takei assured his millions of fans on his social media that he is taking these claims very seriously. These allegations will affect his life from here on out. He also included that he does not recall that night that Scott Brunton has been describing with reporters.