The Black Plague Is Spreading Through Africa

Currently, the Black Plague has been spreading from country to country in Africa. As of now, Malawi is the tenth country that has been put on high alert. The reason being, the fear of the plague spreading to the country from Madagascar. So far, near 140 people have fallen to their death from the horrible illness.

Some of the countries preparing for the disease are Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Tanzania. Others include Seychelles, Mozambique, La Reunion, Mauritius, Comoros, and Mayotte.

This same very plague was responsible for one of the history’s most horrific pandemics, The Black Death. During the 1300s, The Black Plague was the cause of death for close to 75-200 million people all across Medieval Europe.

Back August, the first symptoms began in Madagascar and had spread out over 2,000 people in the country.

The Black Plague Is Making Rounds In Africa

The health secretary of Malawi, Dr. Dan Namarika says that the country is working with other nations to prepare for the worst. If the disease is to spread into the area, they have groups and prevention materials ready.

Earlier this month, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a statement on the outbreak. They have said that until April of 2018, control measure will be in place.

WHO will spend $5,012,200.00 trying to combat the disease from spreading. The money will also go towards medical teams in the area, whether gas for ambulances or disinfecting buildings.

According to WHO, the infections begins with flu-like symptoms. Other symptoms include chills, fever, vomiting and body aches.

Luckily, the strain that began in Madagascar can easily be treated with the help of antibiotics. However, the pace in which the disease has spread is what’s most alarming.

A spokesperson from WHO says that since November 8th, there were only 16 people who needed care from the hospital.

With things slowing down a bit, it shows that health care professionals are acting quickly. Even so, those within Africa are to remain strong and in-negligent about any flare-up popping up in more countries.