Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes Team Robbed In Brazil

On Friday, teammates from Lewis Hamilton’s’ Mercedes team alleged that while in their minivan, someone came up to them and robbed them at gunpoint. They were leaving the Formula One Race Track. On Sunday, the Brazilian Grand Prix will commence at this very same track.

According to reports, no one sustained any injuries during the robbing. However, one Hamilton posted on Twitter that there were gunshots.

Lewis Hamilton went on to say that incidents like this are not uncommon. Two weeks ago, he won his fourth title while in Mexico City. He believes that teams need to do more in making sure everyone remains safe.

Earlier this morning, a rep from Mercedes was able to confirm that there indeed was a robbery. Also, that the robber only stole important items from the team members.

According to the Sao Paulo Police, no reports of assault were made.

For some time now, street crime has run ramped in Brazil. Over the last few years, the country has seen the worst recession known to its residents. The thieves in the are target cars that are in traffic jams.

Lewis Hamilton Speaks Out After Robbery

A spokesperson for the car racings’ body FIA, Matteo Bonciani says that while leaving the race on Saturday, he was too assaulted by robbers who had guns.

According to the spokesman, three assailants came up t her car and began trying to smash in his windows. At the time, his car was in a traffic jam.

Though his car has armor, he says he questioned if it was enough. Though none of the glass broke, he still was in fear for his life.

After failing to break into Bonciani’s car, the robbers fled the scene.

He says at first, he thought the robber were mere children, but after seeing the guns, he knew the situation was bad.