Elephant And Calf Attacked by Fire

Flying tar balls were thrown at an elephant and their calf after an attack from a mob of people. The photo of the attack was able to win the top Asian wildlife photography award.

In the photo, you can see the two creatures running around the crowd as they began to through the flaming tar bars. They were also throwing crackers at the elephant and their calf. According to reports from local news, they did so for the animals to flee from the villages in the area.

The title of the picture is “Hell is here.”   Be that as it may, the photograph was  by a wildlife photographer by the name of Biplab Hazra. He is from West Bengal state.

Elephant And Calf Attacked By Locals

The Sanctuary Nature Foundation, who gave the photographer the award had some choice words about the picture. They say that this form of humiliation is not unheard of.  Also, it is common in states in the area to find ways to harm the in the animals in order for them to leave the area.
The World Wildlife Fund country director, Christy Williams, says that this sort of conflict happens on a daily basis. Williams, however, researches on elephants in the area.

He goes on to say that elephants are constantly being pushed out of their natural habitats by humans. The forest that they reside is being is no more. People are building pipes lines and new worlds in the areas that the elephants see as their home.

As of now, close to 30,000 elephants are inhabiting India. That means 70% if all elephants are on one continent. Near 800 of them reside in West Bengal.

Williams believes that human and elephants are having a hard time coexisting with each other.

Th elephant is the biggest land mammal there is. Be that as it may, they need at least 800 sq km.  However, a place for them to roam freely is becoming scarce.