Draymond Green And Mark Cuban Butt Heads

Draymond Green has never been one not to voice his opinion. The forward for the Golden State Warriors was not too fond of a comment made from Robert McNair, owner of the Texans. During a meeting last month with NFL owners, he said that the NFL can’t have inmates running the prison. At the time, they were discussing mandating standing during the national anthem. Since the meeting, McNair has sent out an apology and explained that he was talking about fellow NFL owners, not players when talking about inmates.

Well, Green’s not buying his apology. On Instagram, he said that he feels as though what McNair said sounds like something Donald Sterling would say. He went on to say that they should rethink calling the owners, “owners.”

Draymond Green and Mark Cuban Not Seeing Eye To Eye

Mark Cuban, on the other hand, belives that Green is in the wrong. He also belives that Green owes an apology to the NBA. They apology would be for making a connection owning parts of a company to owning people.

Cuban says that owners do everything they possibly can for their players. He feels as though Draymond Green is making out that they owners don’t care for the players and their families.

Now, Cuban did, however, comment on McNair’s comments calling them ridiculous and wrong. However, he does not feel like McNair’s remarks give Green a right to make the comments about ownership and changing names.

Cuban is for speaking about slavery and what happened in the past, but he does not agree to equate being an owner of a team and being a slave master. He feels that Green’s comments are just as bad as the ones from McNair.

This is not the first time that Mark Cuban has publicly spoken out about Green. Back in 2016, he said that Green was a great player, but not so much as a franchise player.