Astronauts Encounter Health Risks While In Space

Researchers that focus on our brave astronauts health while they are up in space say we should be more concerned about the effect it has on the human body. The researcher are on the right path to resolving the issues the astronauts go threw while floating in space. Howver, there is still a lot that needs to change.

Before sending more astronauts outside the world, there needs to be a medical plan in place to protect the person hearts and brains from damage. When astronauts travel thousands of miles outside of our world, their heart can endure a lot of damage. Alos, their brains came become inflamed.

Astronauts Face Health Risks While In Space

Most children around the world at some point in their life will daydream about wpossibly becoming an astronaunt. Children who have the privilege to visit a Space Center will only encourage their dreams even more. Honestly, when you are at such a young age, you don’t think about the dangers of your dream career as you age. Some children may not think about the heights they will reach being an astronaut, maybe having a possible fear of flying.

There have been tons of studies on what affects the human body when it is in outer space. There’s a famous saying astronauts muscles will shrink because there is no gravity beyond our earth pull. Although, the human’s muscle system is not even affected due to the lack of gravity.

The entire body is under lots of stress in an environment that has no gravity. Having no gravity effects the nervous system treedously. The heart becomes under distress the moment the body leaves the earth pull. While our brains in outer space will shift upward and stay like that until we are back on Earth. These effects can have long-term issues after being again on earth.