Paul Manafort Charged With US Tax Fraud

President Donald Trump’s ex-presidential campaign manager Mr. Paul Manafort is in some big trouble. Paul Manafort is under arrest for conspiring to defraud U.S. in his dealings with the Ukraine. Along with his side, Rick Gates with accusations of the same thing as well as conspiracy to launder money. Paul Manafort is under arrest with twelve accounts alongside his business associate Rick Gates.

It is believed that both Paul Manafort and Rick Gates began looking into the Russian meddling into American’s election. Rumors say our President Donald Trump even said he was lying about having any ties with Russia. In mid-October, the President of the United States Donald Trump admitted publicly about his lies.

Paul Manafort Under Arrest

George Papadopoulos went on to put forth false expressions to FBI operators about his dealings with an anonymous overseas scholar who supposedly educated him that the Russians had information on Mr. Trump’s presidential rival, Hillary Clinton.  However, new reports say the twelve charges against Rick Gates and Paul Manafort have nothing to do with Donald Trump. Nor does the chargers have nothing to do with the Trump’s campaign. Although, both men are under arrest for hiding payments from the Ukrainian business dealings that took place in 2016.

As of now, Robert Mueller who is the head investigator of the special counsel is taking this matter very seriously. Robert Mueller is investigating Rick Gates and Paul Manafort links to Donald Trump presidential campaign with Russia’s dealings. Of course, everyone involved are denying any involvment, even the President of the United States Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump shared on his social media that this investigation should have more focus on Mrs. Clinton instead of him and his ex-campaign manager. The investigators on this case say the chargers on both men might change depending on their findings throughout this whole process.