Cardi B and Offset From Migos Now Engaged

Cardi B is now on her way to the wedding chapel, and she couldn’t be happier. On October 27th, 2017 at a concert for Cardi B and her boyfriend, Offset from the group Migos, proposed to her. The show was at Philadelphia’s Power 99’s Powerhouse. While most were attending halloween parties, the ‘money moves’ rapper was tearing the house down at her concert. Offset popped the question in front of thousands of friends and fans. Cardi B was completely off guard.

Fans Excited Over Cardi B’s Engagement To Rapper Offset

After the Cardi’s reaction, thousands of fans attending the concert screamed in happiness for the power couple. Her response was apparent when she happily accepted Offsets big diamond ring on her finger. There are countless photos of her wearing her eight-karat diamond ring. That same night as the surprise took place, rapper Offset photographing crew was able to capture the couple’s moment alongside the many fans attending the concert. Some fans were in shock for other reasons over the engagement. Just the week before, the two were in the news for allegedly splitting up. That obviously didn’t last too long!

Cardi B and Offset From ‘Migos Get Engaged Over The Weekend

The word spread like wildfire throughout the internet when both Offset the rapper and Cardi B’s loyal fans shared their videos of the moment. Not much after the announcement, of course, the queen of social media, Cardi B shared a picture of herself in that night’s metallic lame gown. However, in the picture, she was holding her left hand up with her eight-karat diamond ring. In the capitation of her first photo, she speaks on how much she loves the rappers. She goes on to tell him how much she loves him more, and that they will be together forever.