Woman Sweats Blood From Palms And Face

In recent news from Italy, a twenty-one-year-old woman was admitted to her local hospital when she began sweating blood from the palm of her hands and her face. Two dermatologists from the University of Florence, Doctor Marzia Caproni and Doctor Roberto Maglie reported their finding to the local news. On October 23rd, 2017 , the Medical Association Journal of Canada chose to publish her case. The lady in question wishes are to remain anonymous as her medical situation is being studied.

The female patient has no signs of scratches or open wounds on her body. Caproni and Maglie say the patients bleeding episodes on her hands and face would come out of no where, and the bleeding could last up to five minutes. The bleeding from the palms of her hands and her forehead area would bleed for up to five minutes and stop on its own.

Woman Secretes Blood From Palms and Face

Both doctors from the University of Florence say no known trigger is causing this young woman to start bleeding. The woman has been suffering from this unique condition for three years in silence. Caproni and Maglie stated that the bleeding could start at any time. Her bleeding episodes can begin while she is exercising or while she is asleep in her bed. It can occur while she’s out and about or at any even time.

The woman’s symptoms first begain in 2014. Her symptoms embarrass her so much so, that she refrains from going outside. She chooses to keep to herself instead. The woman with this mystery illness is now suffering from major depression, panic attacks, and social anxiety. The woman expressed to both doctors how her scary symptoms from the disease have limited her life. Also, that her symptoms are why she suffers mental health issues. Samples of the woman have come back negative for coagulation issues in her blood or any blood-related problems.