Bruce Maxwell Arrested Over The Weekend

Bruce Maxwell, who plays catcher for the Oakland A’s was the only baseball player for the Major Leagues to kneel during the national anthem. He did so as a protest against police brutality. Well, unfortunately for Maxwell, he was under arrest Saturday for allegedly pointing a gun at a woman who was delivering food to his home.

According to the Scottsdale Arizona police, Maxwell was under arrest for disorderly conduct and assault with a deadly weapon. Officers do not know currently what caused the incident to occur.

26-Year-Old Maxwell knelt during the national anthem last month. He was the first in the league ever to do so. Maxwell’s agent says that he was protesting against President Trump’s comments about NFL owners firing or suspends players who kneel during the playing of the song.

During a news conference, Bruce Maxwell spoke on his personal experience with racism while growing up in Huntsville, Alabama.

He says that no one should have to worry about their skin color being a factor for anything.

Sadly, because of his actions, he was refused service by a waiter who says he is a Trump supporter. Matt Henry, who is the waiter in questions, says that Maxwell’s story was a complete lie. He says that he did not serve a friend at the table due t him having an invalid ID.

Maxwell told TMZ sports that the waiter brought up the fact that he was the baseball player who was kneeling at the games. He tells Maxwell that he is a Trump supporter and that he stands for everything Trump stands for. Speaking to the Washington Post, Maxwell said that he was over the situation.
Bruce Maxwell began playing with the A’s in July of 2016. During the 76 games of this season, he has been able to hit .237 with three home runs, 22 RBI’s.